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  • Animals Song

    Do you want to learn the names of many animals? I have found a very nice song to help you do just that. Do you want to ride this balloon with me and my friends?

  • To Do: New Years Resolutions

    2014 is here… what do you want to change in your life this year? Everybody is ready for a new year full of good intentions: less work, more exercise, give up smoking, spend more time with the family… This is a “what to do” (or “not to do”) list…

  • Sing a rainbow

    Do you know all the names of the colours of the rainbow? Here is a very nice song for you to learn them… Will you sing it with me?

  • My face

    Elmo and Ernie from Sesame Street show off their faces… and we continue to focus on vocabulary of parts of our face. Do you want to watch it with me?

  • iDiots

    Luxury cars with powerful engines for driving along roads with severe speed restrictions, cable TV that allows us to pay to watch all kinds of sports – from the comfort of our sofa of course, and hyper-expensive smartphones that do almost everything except make a decent phone call. Yes, our happiness is based on things…