Aquí tendréis todas las novedades que se vayan produciendo.

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  • The Clothes Song

    Sing along to “The Clothes Song” and practise singing about the clothes you are wearing!

  • The Shapes Song

    Let’s learn the shapes! Three sides… Whats’s your name? Four sides… all equal… What’s your name? Do you know the name of these shapes?

  • Animals Song

    Do you want to learn the names of many animals? I have found a very nice song to help you do just that. Do you want to ride this balloon with me and my friends?

  • To Do: New Years Resolutions

    2014 is here… what do you want to change in your life this year? Everybody is ready for a new year full of good intentions: less work, more exercise, give up smoking, spend more time with the family… This is a “what to do” (or “not to do”) list…

  • Sing a rainbow

    Do you know all the names of the colours of the rainbow? Here is a very nice song for you to learn them… Will you sing it with me?