British VS American accents

When it comes to the different accents in English, for example between British and American English, how can the same language sound so different?

There’re many variations and accents of the English language: British, American, Scottish, Australian, New Zealander, Canadian and so on. However the most studied and analyzed, and at the same time the most well-known are the first two, English and American, mainly for being the most used in the media: television, music and cinema.

Even though British could be considered by many as the most correct, academic and the one that best suits the teaching of the English language, all variations of the English language can be considered valid for this purpose. It’s not about which one is better than the other, as with all their differences all of them are valid.

One of the most remarkable differences are the different accents, but there are also other differences in grammar, syntax, and even in the spelling of the words, graphical representations, and so on.

In this case we’ll concentrate in the phonological aspect.

This funny video representing two friends, one American and one English, will help you understand it.

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