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  • “Pirate Adventure” Summer Camp 2014 – Compañía de María – A Coruña

    En verano el colegio se convertirá en una isla de tesoros donde los alumnos seguirán los pasos de los piratas Red Ronald y Billy Black, aprendiendo canciones, ritmos y chants en inglés y compitiendo en los concursos de deportes, manualidades fantásticas y búsquedas de tesoro.

  • Cambridge English Preliminary for Schools: Victoria & Chiara

    This is an example of a Pet Cambridge Speaking Test (for schools) but it’s practically the same as the Pet speaking tests which aren’t specifically for school students, so it’s a good example if you are interested in taking the test. You can follow a link to a document where you’ll be able to read…

  • London 1927 – 2013

    Back to our home town Regretful that our tour is ended, yet glad glad to see again our LONDON to see its sights… to hear its noise… to smell its smells…

  • The Clothes Song

    Sing along to “The Clothes Song” and practise singing about the clothes you are wearing!

  • The Shapes Song

    Let’s learn the shapes! Three sides… Whats’s your name? Four sides… all equal… What’s your name? Do you know the name of these shapes?